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Hi I am Jill Beiler psychic medium.  I’m been doing professional mediumship and psychic work since 2005. Perhaps you have seen me listed on the Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory?  If not check me out. I have a lot of positive reviews.

Like most of you I am a busy mom, wife, and owner of a mortgage company, and we do fix and flips.  I spent the worst part of my life working in corporate American.  However, although the money was good I had this feeling as though something was off. I felt like I wasn’t able to make a difference in this world.

Once I was able to start doing readings, energy healing, and weekend training classes everything changed for me.  Being able to help people get out of ruts that they have been in for years is very fulfilling.  Well deserve to live our best life possible.  I have been blessed almost my entire life.  I was born knowing.  For me that means, I have always been directly connected to my higher self.  I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about the little details such as who, what, when or where.  I just know that if it feels right then spirit will line me up with the people, places, and events.  I have learned to go the road less traveled in life because sometimes spirit tells me, “HEY YOU NEED TO LISTEN AND TAKE A CHANCE OR LIFE WILL PASS YOU BY AND YOU WILL REGRET THIS.”

In September 2021, I took the biggest risk of my life.  I was woken up by spirit and they said get your cellphone out.  My phone immediately went to Village Park Homes Sunderland Point in Hilton Head Island SC where I saw a beautiful new home under construction, in my price range, and even the hoa fee was reasonable.  Spirit said call them and make an offer.  Make an offer? That sounded crazy because most home builders do not allow you to make an offer.  You either accept the asking price or you don’t get the house.  Turns out this house was negotiable.  I called the sales person on Thursday afternoon their time.  By Friday morning I had all the information on this new home.  Early Saturday morning Arizona time, I made a low ball bid.  Even the sales person said he would put the offer in but wasn’t expecting an acceptance.  30 minutes later the sales person called back and I had an accepted purchase contract. I knew then and there that spirit wanted me to move my business to Hilton Head Island SC so  myself and my team could others in the area who were going through Dramatic Life Changes, Grieving, What To Find Their Purpose in Life, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Weekend with Other Psychic People, and so many other fun psychic training development classes.

Maybe you are someone who is at a cross road in life.  You don’ t know where to turn.  You don’t exactly know what you need to get out of this rut you have been in lately. Don’t worry.  Give me a call.  Your spirit guides always know.  You might not get the message you want but you will always get the message your SOUL NEEDS THE MOST FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD.  A lot of people don’t always understand that.  That’s why when I do readings whenever the answer is a definite NO, I don’t just come out and tell you NO from the beginning.  I make you see why the situation wasn’t working for you. I make you realize how unhappy you were and who made you miserable and why.  Then I show you how things can be so that you can lead your best life possible.

Every single one of is AMAZING.  The problem is there are too many negative people in this world who want to cut us all down.  DON’T LET OTHERS CUT YOU DOWN OR TAKE YOUR POWER AWAY FROM YOU.  TAKE IT BACK.  DON’T LET LABELS DEFINE WHO YOU ARE IN LIFE.  THAT’S THEIR OPINION OF YOU.  NOT YOURS.  WHO CARES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK.






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