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Have you been thinking about just getting a way for a weekend and enjoying some soul soothing relaxation along with a retreat? At Seas The Day Retreat, we have something for everyone.  We are a brand new retreat located in Hilton Head Island SC in a brand new beautiful home.  Maybe you are going through a life transition and need to be around like-minded individuals? We have just the retreat for you. We have a 3 day 4 night life transition retreat that is designed to help people cope with life changes. During this weekend, you will learn to “dance the in the rain” or go with the flow.  They say it’s not what happens to us in life but how we handle the situation that really matters.

Feeling lost?  Not sure what your purpose is life? Looking for a new job, better career, or even a new relationship? Come explorer our Finding Joy and Discovering Your Life Purpose Based On Numerology Retreat. This weekend focuses on your life purpose according to numerology. We explorer the lessons you are here to learn. We go over your life purpose, your attitude number which is the way people perceive you, your soul number, your power name, and your personal year cycle. During this weekend, we work with you to explorer all possibilities in life and enjoy your best life ever while also letting go of the past and all negative energy that no longer serves your highest good.


This is a brand-new retreat.  We are still working on the exact retreat dates for Fall 2023.  Please give us a call at 602-448-2069 to inquiry and obtain more information.  Better yet give us a call to be put on our waiting list.


Looking For A Reading?  Need A Sense Of Direction In Life?

Hi I am Jill Beiler. I am a professional psychic medium.  Perhaps you have seen me listed on the Bob Olson’s psychic directory for the last decade?  I can help you gain clarity in life by giving one insight into a situation.  Would you like to communicate with a loved one who has passed one?

Give Jill Beiler a call at 602-448-2069 to schedule an appointment for either a psychic or mediumship reading.


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