Hi my name is Jill Beiler. I am a psychic medium.  I have been doing professional mediumship for the last thirteen years.  Perhaps you have seen me on the Bob Olson’s best psychic directory.

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I spent the first half of my life raising my family and working in corporate America. I thought we were supposed to work are way up.  The problem was the closer I became to working my way up the more I felt that something was missing.  I felt like I was yearning to make a bigger impact on people’s lives.  On the outside it appeared I was living the American dream. I had a very close-knit Christian oriented family, a good stable job, and a beautiful home that our family had created.  Deep down though I felt I could do more. I felt compelled to help people.

At the same time, I spent most of my day getting messages for people who were good hard-working people but needed a sense of direction. Many of them like me were just overwhelmed with the day-to-day task of surviving as a mom, wife, daughter, friend, aunt, or coworker. We did our best but felt compelled we were meant to do something better but had no idea what, when, or how to get started. At the same time spirit was sending me all kinds of messages through songs, conversations with our friends, signs on trucks, birds and butterflies appearing out of nowhere oh and let’s not forget about those dimes and pennies that just show up out of nowhere. I personally was trying so hard to piece all of it together.  Then one day, spirit spoke to me and it all became so clear. I knew what I was supposed to do. The hard part was figuring out how to get my family on board with a whole new career change.

My sister had already been my biggest fan.  Her car accident in 1988 changed my life forever for at the time of her accident I picked up on all of her pain and suffering; every little detail. I could feel it. At the time, I was hundreds of miles away in college at Eastern Illinois on a cold March night when out of the blue, I was overwhelmed with all of this sudden pain. Through the years as I struggled growing up trying to figure out this mediumship and instant knowing, my brother was second biggest supporter.

Then one day my mom finally came around. It took her awhile because we were raised Catholic. It was the fear of what people would think. You see my great grandmother had the gift and tried to help people but back in her day they locked her up in an insane asylum. I said to my mom one day, I don’t know why I was chosen. I don’t know how this works. It just happens. However, I have never done a bad thing in my life to anyone. If God and the angels spoke to Moses, Noah, Mary, and so many other people in the bible, well then why not me, you or anyone else?  I go to church. I follow the rules. I live a good life. Why do you have to be dead for someone to believe that a higher power just gave you information.  Most importantly how can I possibly know things about someone I don’t even know and be right?  How can you explain that?  Once my mom came on board. Then everything changed. She told all of her friends and the rest of our family. It was like a sense of relief not having to hide who I was. I was finally free to be my true authentic self.

What I have learned through the last decade is to keep an open mind. Not everything can be explained; yet it happens and it works. Want to read a really cool story about not being able to explain it?  Go to the Bob Olson’s site and read my story about helping a lost foreign girl at Universal Studios find her tour guide in a few minutes. What’s incredible about the story is the girl had been separated from her party for hours and yet my family found her tour guide in a matter of 5 minutes.

I”ve also learned that science isn’t always right. Well let me rephrase that. Seeing is believing for most people and since you can’t actually see some things taking place, it’s hard to believe. At that same time there are new and innovative techniques that do work when it comes to healing. I’ve spent the last five years of my life helping my sick family members cross over and dealing with their death and hospice. Don’t get me started on this I could write a book about a person end of life and what not to let your healthcare system do to you. Our healthcare system needs a lot of help. Do me a favor though the next time you are in a long- term care facility and you see something that isn’t right do something about it. Be the voice for someone because someday that someone might be you sitting in that bed.


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