1. Help people find joy and explorer their purpose in life
  2. Learn how to cope with the loss of a loved one
  3. How to empower people and take back your power
  4. Psychic development
  5. Girls wanna have fun weekend with like-minded individuals

Services Included & Fun Activities

  1. Psychic readings
  2. Mediumship readings,
  3. Energy healing
  4. Meditations
  5. Meditation Music
  6. Walks on the beach
  7. Nature walk
  8. Shopping
  9. Dinner at some of Hilton Head’s most famous restaurant’s

Participants can pick and choose which services they would like.  Items number 6 & 7 are weather permitting.

Why come to this event?

Sometimes it’s just the atmosphere of getting away and being around like minded people who can lift your soul up and make you feel whole again. They say water cleanses the soul.  There is nothing more calming and relaxing then sitting on a beach and watching the waves go by. Most people don’t even realize it but sitting in a calm relaxed state and watching the ocean waves is a form of meditation.

Secondly, while the sun beams down on your body bringing in new prana you exhale out the old energy that no longer serves your highest purpose. That’s why after you have sat at the beach for awhile most people are able to gain clarity about different situations which allow them to leave the beach with peace and serenity. For in leaving, they now have a better understanding of what they need to do in life to resolve certain issues.

Retreats work the same way.  We let go of energy that no longer serves your highest good. We support and lift each other up. With intuitive guidance we give you the tools and guidance once needs to find joy, find their life purpose, empower people to live their best life. This is your story. This is your life. Why not make your story to tell a great one?

What I can guarantee you is a one-of-a kind unique experience that will be tailored made to fit your needs.

Maybe you need a reading and not a retreat?  For those of you looking for a reading instead give me a call at 602-448-2069 to schedule an appointment.  Reading can be done over the phone or through facetime.  Not quite sure?  Need more information?  I have been doing professional readings for the last 13 years.  Check out my listing on the Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory.

Jill Beiler Best Psychic Directory Listing

Seas The Day Retreat
Seas The Day Retreat

Retreat Options

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