Spiritual Retreats In Hilton Head

Spiritual Retreats In Hilton Head Island SC


Hi I am Jill Beiler owner of Seas The Day Retreat in Hilton Head Island SC. This is a brand new treat.  I have been a practicing psychic medium for years. Perhaps you have seen me on Bob Olson’s best psychic directory?  I have helped people deal with grief, loss, transitions, women’s empowerment, psychic development, illnesses, energy healing, relationship issues, family, and health issues.  I have started this retreat because sometimes an one hour appointment is not enough time to address an issue.

Check out all of our retreat options on our RETREAT PAGE.

I also offer mini workshops in Phoenix Arizona.  If anyone is interested give me a call at 602-448-2069.

Maybe a retreat is not what you need?  Maybe you just need an hour reading?  I do readings in person and over the phone.  Depending upon my schedule, readings are done in person in either Phoenix, AZ or Hilton Head Island SC.

What can you expect during a reading?  Unlike some readers, you get the message your guides tell me you need not what you want.  You may call for a reading, but if spirit says you have a lot of negative energy built up inside you and you need an energy healing then that’s what I perform with your authorization.  Most people have what I call a combination of things.  This can range from a psychic reading, a mediumship reading, energy healing, meditation exercises, releasing negative energy exercise, and balancing your chakra’s. Most sessions are one hour in length.  However, unlike some readers if I am in the middle of helping clients resolve an issue I don’t just end the session at the one hour mark.



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