Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Child

My brand new psychic book called Seeing Through The Eyes of A Child is out and available on Amazon, Kobo, IngramSpark, Walmart, and Target.






Growing up as a psychic child can be frightening, scary, and confusing.  No child should ever feel like they are different, an outcast, or all alone.

This book explains the most common psychic situations people experience and gives real life examples on how best to handle different situations.

Learn how to clear your energy field and do breathing exercises so you can avoid being medicated and forced to take unnecessary medication which are bad for your body.  This is very important especially during the teenage years where some kids try and block their abilities by taking drugs, alcohol, or both.  When you are truly born being gifted even drugs, and alcohol can not block your abilities.  They will still come through.  Do not deny them.  Learn how to embrace them.

Being born psychic is a blessing.  Learn how to embrace and enhance your gifts so you can lead your best life possible and help others on your journey here on earth.

About the author:  Jill Beiler is a psychic medium, energy healer, women’s spiritual retreat organizer in Phoenix, AZ and Hilton Head Island SC, psychic development teacher, spiritual life coach, real estate agent, mom, wife, and business owner of two different companies. Growing up she had no idea she was psychic or a medium. As

a child all of her premonitions came to her during her sleep. It was quite frightening to dream the day before it even happened.  Worse yet, it was even more frightening as a child to watch everything play out scene by scene the very next day just like her dream.  How could this be? It was even more horrifying when you dreamt of horrible things. Luckily for her, she grew up in a loving and supportive home where her mother always tried to find a logical explanation for every weird and unexplained thing that ever happened to her. The goal of this book is to provide answers and support to other people.  It is to help teach people what it is happening to them.  Is this normal or not? This book identifies the different psychic gifts and how to use these gifts?

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