Ayurveda Healing Modalities

In this workshop we will learn how to restore balance into our body through Ayurveda healing modalities. Diseases are caused by imbalances in the body. Most people in life just want to go to the doctor and obtain a “Magic Pill.” This “Magic Pill” is supposed to help heal their ailment. However, what most people don’t realize is while that “Magic Pill” might help be helping out with a specific illnesses, it also is creating an imbalance in your body. That imbalance can makes you SUSCEPTIBLE to another new illness. For many, people, this creates a downward cycle where one illness is created. Then the illness is fixed and then another new illness is born.

This class will be taught be a licensed RN starting in February 2024.

During this one day event, our licensed RN will review different illnesses that people have had. Then offer life changing suggestions in regards to eating a better life through herbs, supplements, diet, exercise, and mindful meditation. Smoothie recipes will be handed out to everyone. The importance of herbs, and oils will be discussed as well as specific examples of how to cook with these items.

Some of our events in Phoenix will be hosted by Young Living Essential Oils where they can provided specific hand outs for every single type of oil. How to use these oils to cure ailments and also how to use them in cooking and the proper dosage. You need to be careful when using oils because too much can be harmful.

This event is still be developed so check back later for more details.

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