Grief Retreat Overview 

This retreat is still in the process of being developed so check back later for more details.  However, this event will be held by a psychic medium who has the ability to connect directly with your loved ones.  To attend you must be open and receptive to receiving messages from your loves ones on the other side in order to heal.

This is not your ordinary retreat where you read information from a text book.  I will be honest with you.  I probably won’t even have hands out.  If I do, it will be very few so be prepared.  I lead my life being led by spirit. I can easily get side tracked by your spirit guides which is why a written agenda does not work for my personality.  We will go over what is grief along with the stages of grief.  However, when people do not deal with grief that energy is stored and held in our bodies which can create imbalances and eventually illnesses.  The goal of this one day workshop is to talk about your grief.  Talk about what happened.  How you felt and how you are still feeling.  Then, help you release that energy and let it go.

During the workshop, we will also do some releasing meditations to help you feel better. In life we are either learning a soul lesson or teaching a soul lesson.  I just spent the last 5 years of my life helping my parents transition over to the other side in a graceful transition with dignity. My father just passed on December 2, 2022 with Alzheimer’s. Although he was still alive, I was already mourning him because to me the person who he was for me growing was completely gone. He no longer recognized me nor was he able to communicate with me. One year prior to my father’s death, I had called the nursing home and they said, “I’m sorry but we can’t put your dad on the phone to talk.  He’s too far gone now and it’s way too difficult for us.”  Wow!  I hung up and started crying.  It was that day that I actually started mourning and grieving for my father even though technically he was still alive.

During that process of helping others and also dealing with my own grief, I too had to learn to release that energy. I was so overwhelmed with just surviving everyday that I let my own health go. I thought I was young and in good shape. Plus, I had no prior health conditions so I really wasn’t worried about myself.  It wasn’t until after both parents died that I learned my pain in my lower stomach area was real. I thought it was stress from my parents which in all honesty it probably started off as that.  Since I did not release that energy, an illness was formed. I  am currently  using my own energy healing to heal myself  while also seeking medical care.  I have released all of the energy that I was holding and since have lost 16 pounds with ease.  Yep!  I didn’t have to diet.  No exercising nonstop.  None of that.  The weight came off easily and I am now back down to my normal size or I should say the same weight I was prior to my parents becoming ill.

Walking On The Beach or In Nature

Depending upon the weather, we will either being walking on the beach or taking a small walk in nature.


This retreat will be held starting November 2023-February 2023.  For more information call Jill Beiler at 602-448-2069 or send me an email to



Check back later for pricing information or better yet call me at 602-448-2069.


This Event Is Also Being Held In Phoenix AZ throughout 2023.  We need 6 participants to hold an event.  Call or text me for information. Better yet looking for a tailored made event to suit your needs?  No problem.  Just let me know what you need.  I can tailor make it as long as I have a notice.



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