The mind, body, and soul retreat offers you the ability to relax, connect, and heal your mind, body, and soul.

Friday we will focus in on Dramatic Life Changes. This is a period of time when you deal with great change or changes that can be devastating. However, not all of life changes are devastating.  Great changes are often necessary for a person to transform into the person they are meant to be in the future; for without change we would all be stuck in the present moment.  We have all been through a major Dramatic Life Change.  They include getting married, getting divorced, losing a job, starting a business or closing down a business, losing money in the stock market, businesses gone bad, children going off to college and parents becoming empty nesters, retirement, caring for our elderly parents, dealing with health issues, dealing with menopause, getting older ourselves, plus gaining and loosing weight plus so many more examples.  All of these changes affect our identify and can affect our confidence in who we are and what we want to be as a person. These changes make us question our self, our identify, our values, and our beliefs. It is often through our darkest times that we are able to reflect and determine who we are as a person and what impact we want to leave in this world.  Great change can either make us stronger or break us.  Our goals is to help make you a stronger and better person through this workshop.

Next on Saturday, we will focus on Mindful Meditation. You will learn breathing and calming techniques. This event will teach you what meditation is as well as  the seven principles of meditation, You will be lead on numerous guided meditation to help bring peace, love, and balance back into your life. One of the meditation focuses in on letting go so that you can release built up and stored energy that no longer serves your highest good. The second meditation focuses in on “You are not alone. Your guides, angels, and loved departed ones are always with you.”

During this meditation we will open up your third eye. You will take a walk on a beach and be joined by your guides, angels, tribes, departed loves ones and your current inner circle friends. This guided meditation will teach you that even at your darkest moments in time you were never alone. You will be guided to see, sense, smell, hear, or feel the presence of your guides, angels, or departed loved ones. Many time people are so eager to get a message from their loved ones that they miss all the little signs that their loved one are trying to show them.  For example, the smell of their perfume or cologne. Maybe a song comes on the radio out of the blue and it was your loved ones favorite song. A dime or penny that just suddenly appears out of nowhere. How about the picture frame that just suddenly falls over without even being touched?

One of my favorite guided meditations is to learn how to receive love, guidance, and help. Many people are very good at giving but not very good at receiving. This meditation will help you to not only be a giver but a receiver as well. It’s very important for a person’s energy to have balance in life. If you spend all your time giving and not receiving you are throwing off your own energy.  As much as you love to help others, it’s also very healthy for you to be on the receiving end as well.

We will also learn to live with abundance and retrain the mind to know that you already have everything that you need. We will clear out our conscious and replace it with cheerful, positive, loving thought patterns that contribute to better health, wealth, and more loving relationships. We will release negative thought patterns that hold us back. We will let go of fear. Lastly, we will learn to be surrounded with infinite wisdom and knowledge. All that answers you need are already stored deep within yourself. The key is to learn to unlock the answers.

Lastly on Sunday we will focus in on Finding Joy and Your Life Purpose based on numerology. We will learn to calculate your life purpose numbers, your attitude numbers, your personal year cycles, your soul number, your personality number, and your power name number. Every number has both a positive and a negative vibration. We will go over each of the different numbers as well as your life path lessons. Based on your life path numbers we will show you other life path numbers that are either compatible, neutral, or challenging to your life path number.

We will also go over possible career choices as well as hidden talents you may have but have never even considered worth using. This event will end with a guided meditation where you will meet one of your loved ones on the other side in a neutral place for 3 minutes.  It is a very powerful meditation for those of you who are able to make the connection. This weekend mind, body, and soul retreat will teach you how to relax, quiet the mind, and allow yourself to just be present in the moment so that you should be able to make this wonderful connection at the end of our retreat.

Depending upon the weather, we will be taking nature walks or walking on the beach. We have a few free hours planned for shopping or hanging out alone at the beach.

This weekend is meant to have fun and revive your mind, body, and soul so that you can bring balance back into your life.

Can’t afford to go to Hilton Head Island? This same weekend retreat is also being held in the North Phoenix area for local residence. For pricing information call Jill Beiler directly at 602-448-2069.

Since this is a new event pricing is still being developed so call me for details.

This event will be offered starting Veterans day weekend 2023 through Presidents Day weekend 2024.

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